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Delivering AI-enabled, intelligent AP Automation for the modern enterprise.

Reach the next level of automation and see what happens when manual becomes touchless.

Digitize. Simplify. Innovate. REUSE. REFUSE. REDUCE.



AP in the cloud to get started in hours instead of weeks. Seamless and future-proof integrations with your ERP & Accounting Systems using the NoCode Flow Builder and out-of-the-box connectors.


AI-enabled predictive data capture and template-free ML/Deep Learning data extraction powered by AWS Textract™ to easily recognize and manage both structured and unstructured invoice data.


Invoice documents are instantly processed with real-time integrations and fraud checks to automatically detect and resolve exceptions without human intervention and with the help of our smart bot RED.


We’re fully connected! easily integrates with any ERP that has a REST API and comes with out-of-the-box connectors for Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks Online, XERO and Freshbooks.


Combine data, insight and automation to gain complete transparency and visualize your AP process to detect inefficiencies quickly and easily with dashboards, metrics, pre-built KPIs and detailed analytics.


Work smart and work mobile with an easy-to-use UI, adaptable for your evolving business requirements. Enjoy access anytime and anywhere for AP staff, approvers, vendors and any users involved in the invoice cycle.


Do more with less! With you can try for free, pay only for what you use and cancel anytime. Flexible, robust, cost-cutting, affordable with a quick ROI, secure and available anywhere, it is the Reducr way!


Use the Vendor Portal to give your suppliers self-service access and a high level of traceability and visibility in a secure and digital setting with real-time invoice information available. With easy onboarding and vendor data validation.

DOCUMENT AI WITH THE EYES OF A HUMAN can read and understand invoices and various other document types just like a human would, powered by AI/ML to extract data accurately, with high reliability and faster than ever with no code or templates to maintain.

Smart data enrichment, configurable fraud checks and data validation like duplicate document submission, business number, bank account and supplier details verification help you mitigate risks, increase operational efficiency and reduce error rates.


SaaS application with plug&play integration to Oracle JD Edwards.

Secure (ISO 27001) and performant with the ability to horizontally scale.

Support for 8 ERP, Accounting and Financial systems.

Using Microservices (MACH) architecture to deliver an evergreen solution to customers and avoid cumbersome upgrades and patch installations.

The application is built on the latest and greatest web standards and offers an intuitive UI/UX with many configuration options.


Flows are set up using the visual Flow Builder component and embedded connectors.

Business rules can be applied on top of the flows to manage business scenario and special use cases.

Customers can bring their own Oracle JD Edwards Orchestrations and other UDO’s into leveraging their own code-base including standard, customized and custom objects.

Connectors are authorized by the customers with managed OAuth2 integrations and can be revoked at any time.

APPROVAL WORKFLOWS MADE EASY is the Voucher Approval Workflow solution allowing the customer to set up any workflow route, hierarchy or process.

Customers can choose from the omni-channel approval options and select the one(s) best suited for their approvers: MS Outlook (Outlook Actionable Messages), MS Teams, Slack, Whatsapp Business, Citrix Digital Workspace, Salesforce or Alexa.

Approvals can also be done from within the application itself, which is also mobile-enabled and fully responsive

Less is more. Reduce operational costs, maximize AP speed and cut invoice processing times with less errors and greater accuracy. Jumpstart the opportunity to drive real-time cost savings, greater transparency and increased efficiency.
Faster time to AP automation implementation with cloud-native, integrated and built-for-the-future serverless technology. Get setup in no time with the nocode Flow Builder, embedded AI/ML components and seamless Accounting & ERP integrations.
AI-powered 24x7 invoice approval workflows. Highly configurable, real-time, any device, any place, anytime and truly omni-channel using the team collaboration tools you already use! Choose MS Teams, Outlook OAM, Slack or Whatsapp with endless possibilities.
Eliminate slow, non-essential, error-prone and costly manual processes. Go completely digital and leverage the benefits of touchless invoice processing. Convince your suppliers with a secure, 24x7 real-time vendor portal and easy supplier onboarding process.
Select the plan that fits your usage or try them all and pick your favourite.


1 DMS Connectors
1 BE Connectors
Unlimited Email Connectors
Yes Support Desk
0 Pages
7 days Free trial


1 DMS Connectors
1 BE Connectors
Unlimited Email Connectors
Yes Support Desk
5000 Pages
14 days Free trial


1 DMS Connectors
1 BE Connectors
Unlimited Email Connectors
Yes Support Desk
7500 Pages
14 days Free trial


If you need custom set-up and higher volumes then contact us for a detailed quote.

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